What to share on Pinterest for business

Five things every ecommerce business should be Pinning on Pinterest

If you’re ready to jump on the Pinterest for business train, but have no idea what to post, this article is for you. Today I explore five key pieces of content business owners should be Pinning on Pinterest to maximise the social media platform’s massive potential.

But first things first:

Don’t Pin mindlessly, every business should have a Pinterest marketing strategy.


Pinterest is a lot of fun, and it’s easy to get carried away. But Pinning without a clear strategy is not going to benefit your business.

Taking the time to plan your Pins may not be high on your priority list, but I promise you – if you take the time to plan and use Pinterest strategically, you will start to see results. 

If the thought of investing your time into another social media platform has you feeling overwhelmed, know this: the time and energy you put into Pinterest now will continue to pay off over time. Unlike Instagram or Facebook posts, Pinterest Pins will be searchable and shown to users for months and years to come.

Convinced? Here’s five types of content you can share as part of your business’ Pinterest marketing strategy:

1. Products

The most effective way to use Pinterest as an ecommerce business owner is to share your products as Pins and then link directly to your website.  Afterall, you want users to find out about your business, your products, and your services, so you should be consistently driving them to your website for more information.


2. Before and after images (user generated content)

User generated content is some of the most powerful, high-converting content a business can use in its marketing. Even better? The majority of the content is provided for you. Create Pins that show your customers using your products and share their success stories.

How have lives changed as a result of your product? A less messy kids room? Better skin? A more organised routine? Think about the solutions your products offer and translate them into compelling Pins.


3. Tutorials

Pins that show users how to do something are some of the most popular on Pinterest. Think about the FAQs your audience and your customers raise with you. How could you answer that through a Pin? With an infographic? A photo? A video? Tutorials, lists, and step by step content helps Pinners understand how to use a product.


4. Videos

 Yep, Pinterest isn’t just for still images and infographics – videos are popular too. But unlike Instagram you don’t need to dance. 

Video content ideas for Pinterest include: 

  • How-tos 
  • Product reviews
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Your products in action – inspiring, lifestyle content

If you want to use videos for Pinterest, it’s recommended that you keep the clips to about 15-20 seconds. And you don’t need fancy equipment – an iPhone will do.


5. Social media, email sign ups and blog posts

Don’t forget to use Pinterest to promote your other marketing channels such as mailing lists, Instagram posts and blog articles. 

For example, if you sell children’s hats, you might blog about parenting but also create Pinterest boards about “children’s summer fashion” or “how to keep your kids sun safe in summer” and share Pins in line with those board topics that link back to your blog. 


Conclusion – important tips!

No matter what you choose to Pin on Pinterest, you must ensure you consistently create content that: 

  • Links back to your website or blog
  • Links to your email opt-in page
  • Links to your product page and online store

In addition, to attract more engagement, you should:

  • Use both text and images for a great Pin.
  • Keep the text clear and legible
  • Vary the photos/ images from Pin to Pin.
  • Create 3 – 5 variations of each Pin per blog post.
  • Put your website on each Pin to increase brand awareness and protect against theft.

As you can see there are lots of types of content you can create for your Pinterest account. And this really isn’t everything. So have a look at all the content you produce in your business and see if you can create a Pin template for it to promote it on Pinterest.

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