Hashtags Handled


What if you could wave a wand and someone would deliver 3 perfect hashtag lists for your business straight to your inbox?

You can! (although the wand may be imaginary). With this Hashtags Handled service you get just that -it’s time to make Instagram work for your business!


You know hashtags are SO important on Instagram for small business but you’re a bit overwhelmed or unsure about how to find the best ones for you and use them effectively.

It’s important to use varied, relevant and quality hashtags to support your current business and also to grow, so I will do the following:
  • Research your business, industry and Instagram community
  • Search through millions of hashtags to find the right mix for YOUR business (not anyone else’s – we don’t send you standard lists; they are fully customised)
  • Compile 3 lists of 30 hashtags for you to use with your Instagram posts
  • Send them to you in an easy format to copy, paste, and grow on Instagram. Bippity Boppity Boo!

Think about all that time and stress saved, and the impact having the RIGHT hashtags will have for your business on Instagram.

“There truly is a method when it comes to hashtags, and it is an incredibly powerful tactic within the Instagram world.


Jo is so methodical in her analysis, criteria and creation of the hashtag sets we have asked of her.

She is fast in delivery and her easy-to-understand spreadsheet makes selecting hashtag sets faultless.


We have seen great results with her hashtags, and it is clear, that she is so knowledgeable within this space.


I would recommend her to all businesses needing reliable, effective, and affordable hashtags created.”


Jess, client. 

If you’re not convinced as to why hashtags are critical to your business success, think about this…

Hashtags are to Instagram what SEO is to Google

Without hashtags, your content will not be seen by anyone who doesn’t follow you, which obviously does nothing to grow your business on the social media platform. The right hashtags will be the right people looking at your content – people who are potential customers or clients!


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