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Imagine having a fast pass to Pinterest reach, followers and website traffic.

That’s what keywords do for your business.

Keywords are to Pinterest what SEO is to Google. So if you’re not using the right ones, your audience won’t find you.

You can have the BEST content going around, but if you don’t have the right keywords in the right places – no one will ever see it. 

But where to start? What keywords to use and how to research them?

It’s a common obstacle business owners face… I hear it all the time so I thought I’d offer a service to help. 

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“I was lost when it came to Pinterest keywords. I didn’t know where to start. Jo not only researched and provided great lists of keywords for me to use, but also helped me understand how to use them.”

– Kate McDermott (business owner)

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Your keywords, sorted.

When keywords are strategic, relevant and targeted they are Pinterest superfood.

Get your Pinterest content found and direct traffic to your website with the right keywords for your business.

🌟 Tailored research into your business, industry, customers and community

🌟 Sifting through millions of keywords to find the right mix for your brand

🌟 In an easy to understand and use format to reach new eyeballs, followers and dream buyers

Don’t pin another piece of content without the right keywords!