Instagram Audit

Get an A game grid with an

Instagram audit

Pretty squares and passive followers aren’t selling your products.

Witty captions and double taps aren’t growing your reach.

Your Instagram is stumbling along while your competitors are catapulting forward.

Features change, trends shift, the algorithm changes.

Instagram is a tricky game to play.

Want to know what’s not working – and what is?

Ready to discover ways to grow your Insta?

Hungry for the confidence to rock your grid?

Uncover it all with an Instagram audit

In your personalised Instagram audit, I’ll show you the don’t do, must do and the how to so you can instantly improve your Gram game.

Let’s meet online while I go through your Instagram bit-by-bit and tell you what you’re doing great, what you need to stop, and what you need to start doing. You can ask all the questions you like along the way, then I will you a summary and action plan once we have finished our call.

Your Instagram audit includes a review of:

Your profile – maximise this powerful snapshot of your biz and get your bio, image and link working hard

📈 Insights – translate your data into meaningful words to understand how your audience behaves and content performs

👩‍🏫 Content – your images and captions and how they work to grow your brand

🎨 Aesthetics – how your grid supports your brand style

🙏 Engagement – it’s a two way street between you and your customers

#️⃣ Hashtags –are you using enough of the right ones?

🩺 Recommendations and top five actions to take ASAP

Book your audit today and be on your way to not only growing your Instagram but also converting to clients and customers!


To be clear about what you get: We will have a 30 minute Zoom session while I conduct a LIVE AUDIT your Instagram account. Plus you will receive a PDF will all my recommendations and follow up ponts. 

“My Instagram wasn’t growing. I had Jo do an audit for me and it was amazing – really thorough and specific to my business. The feedback and tips were really great and my engagement increased A LOT when I put Jo’s feedback in to practice.”

Want to become another happy client?

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