Hashtag Heaven:

500 Best Hashtags to sell your product in a handy downloadable file

Save time and increase your exposure on Instagram

If you want to grow your e-commerce business through Instagram and sell more products then you need hashtags. Hashtags result in your posts being seen by a wider audience and therefore more potential customers.

But it’s not always that easy. If you’re like other e-commerce businesses then it’s likely you’re using the wrong hashtags.

Ones that are too generic or too super-duper-popular. Even worse, some are using the same hashtag lists on every post. 😰⁠

It’s easy to know why you’re doing it.

📱 You’re new to Instagram

⏰ You don’t have the time to tailor or customise your hashtags

🤷🏼‍♀️ You know what you’re doing isn’t ideal but you’re not sure how you should be foing it.

If you’re nodding along thinking “yes, this is me!” – that’s ok. Just keep reading.

If you’re not using hashtags properly then you are missing out. Missing out on potential customers. ⁠

The right hashtags get your business in front of the right audience. This is how it works:⁠

More people see your post ➡ More people learn about your products ➡ More people visit your website ➡More people buy your products. ⁠

That’s why I developed Hashtags Heaven:

An easy to use, downloadable product with lists containing over 500 hashtags tailored for your e-commerce business that is in one of these industries:

💄Skincare & beauty products
🤱🏼 Pregnancy, baby & children related products
🛍Women’s fashion & accessories


Will these hashtag lists help you grow your business and sell more product through Instagram?


In a word – yes. They are not the golden ticket but when used properly they will increase your exposure on the platform.

There are three different options available depending on your business niche (see below).

Before I tell you more about what is in the lists, let’s see if they are right for you…

These guides are for you if…

✔ You want to grow your business through Instagram
✔ You want to broaden your audience
✔ You want to increase sales
✔ You lack the time or knowledge to create your own quality hashtag lists
✔ You know you need hashtags but they give you a headache!

So, what do you get?


There are three different versions of Hashtag Heaven for three specific business audiences.

In each PDF download there are over 500 researched hashtags for each of the specific audiences. They are split into categories and popularity (ie. how many times they have been used).

Why so many? Because I want you to be able to pick and choose, mix and match to create your perfect hashtag lists.

Why the popularity categories? Because you want a mix of popular through to niche (there’s more about that in the guide!)

With all these hashtags at your fingertips you won’t need to do ANY research. Just pick and choose depending on your needs.

It doesn’t get any easier – so what are you waiting for?

Ready for Hashtag Heaven?

Let’s find the right hashtags for you…

If you sell…

✔ Skincare products

✔ Make up

✔Other beauty products

If you sell…

✔ Baby clothing & accessories

✔ Pregnancy & maternity products

✔ Kids clothing & accessories

If you sell…

✔ Women’s clothing

✔ Women’s accessories

✔ Other products especially for women