What being a Business Mum means

What is a business mum? A business mum is a strong, passionate, and driven woman who wants the best for her family as well as herself. She wants to be present for her family, but also wants to satisfy what drives her intrinsically. She wants to overcome the challenges and obstacles that being a mum places on her ability to have a career and earn money, and she wants to do it on her terms.

OK, but what does that mean? What does that look like on a day to day basis? What does that involve for her, her kids, her partner?

What having a Business Mum for a Mum means to kids

Ice skating with my daughter last year on a “work day” during school holidays. I didn’t have to ask my boss for the day off!

It means that mum is usually there to pick them up from school, attend school assemblies and concerts, and host play dates – awesome! It means they have a positive role model (especially for girls) who shows that you can deal your own hand in life.  It’s being able to go on special outings or do extra activities because there’s a little bit more income floating around.

On the flipside, it also means that mum sometimes has to work on weekends instead of going to the park. It’s hearing “Ok, but first Mummy just needs to do this little thing for work…” or being ushered towards the TV or iPad because Mum needs to make a phone call or urgently reply to an email. Or, let’s be honest, it’s watching a bit too much TV because Mum’s got a lot of work to get done and she hadn’t planned on having you around (think school holidays).

What having a Business Mum as a Partner means

We’ve all heard the saying “Happy wife, happy life”. Having a wife or partner who has her own business often means that they are somewhat content because they are present for their kids, but also get to pursue their own career and business goals. It means not having to be the solo “bread winner”. It means having kids who have their mum around to take care of day to day “mum stuff” and are supported. It means having a strong and passionate woman in their lives (which is a good thing – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!).

It can also mean your partner works at night, after the kids are in bed, which means less kid-free time together and a woman who is a little more tired than she might otherwise be (and therefore a tad grumpier!). It means having a little less time to yourself, or as a family, on weekends because you need to take care of the kids while she works.

Visiting my sister in Queensland. Sure I took my laptop and worked while I was away – but the point is I COULD!

What being a Business mum means as a Business mum

This is a personal thing as there are many reasons as to why women decide to start their own business, but there are a few things that ring true for most.

It means freedom to be your own boss, make your own rules, work your own hours that suit you and your family (to a point). It means being able to pick your kids up from school and go to assemblies and concerts. It means having financial freedom – buy that pair of shoes without guilt because YOU EARNED IT. It means not forgetting about your dreams just because you wanted to be a mother; building on your existing career or making a new one (maybe something you always dreamed of).

It’s not all sunshine and roses though. Your to-do list is always really long, and it can include everything from “buying new school shoes” to “create new Facebook ad campaign”. It means being stretched in lots of directions, and not being able to leave work behind when you walk out of the office. It’s putting the kids to bed and then sitting down to work, or missing out while your husband takes the kids to play at the beach because you have to catch up on work.

Me: A woman who is damn proud of making this work!

But for me – I wouldn’t have it any other way. The satisfaction I feel from “doing my own thing” is amazing. The flexibility of being able to pick my kids up every day is what stops me from the call of going back to being an employee. Being able to contribute to the family income by working from home under my terms is a dream come true. My husband is proud (and only sometimes frustrated), my kids are happy (and only sometimes get put second to my work), and I am content (and always stressed and tired!).





(Note: this is how I feel, based around my business, family, and the things that are important to me. Even if it’s different for you, I hope you can relate in some way!)